Iowa Child Advocacy Board (ICAB)

Welcome to the Iowa Child Advocacy Board (ICAB)

Thousands of children in Iowa are currently under the juvenile court's jurisdiction due to abuse and neglect. The programs and activities of ICAB, its staff and volunteers across the state are dedicated to advocating for these children's best interests.

Learn more about ICAB's volunteer programs:


Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA)

Help us ensure that every child in Iowa is living in a safe, permanent and nurturing home.

Foster Care Review Boards (FCRB)

Serve on a local community board working to improve life for Iowa children placed in foster care.


                                                                The Advocate

                  A Poem by Mercedes Lawry, former Communications Director, National CASA

This is not about the comfort of compassion.

This is not about rescue, so as to feel good when the child lights up with a smile.

This is hard work, struggling with ripped families and children in clouds of pain, anger dancing around in their hearts in the turmoil of a world made crazy.

This is caring, yes, but also what is just, what should be demanded.

It takes love and a certain measure of courage.

And in the simple act of person helping person, It becomes extraordinary.



Why not volunteer? Learn more. Advocate for a child in Iowa.


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