In-Person Activities Resumed

CASA volunteers are allowed to participate in in-person activities, such as child visits, if they feel comfortable doing so, within parameters established by ICAB. CASA offices have face masks and disinfecting products to assist with office sanitation. 

CASA Pre-Service Training Now Virtual

After months of work, the Iowa CASA program has adopted a new pre-service curriculum from the National CASA/GAL Association for children. We can now offer training virtually, without travel, weather delays or unexpected cancellations. This change will also help keep staff and volunteers safe. So far, it has been very popular.

Annual CASA Survey

In June, CASA volunteer Advocates and Coaches across the state had the opportunity to participate in the annual satisfaction survey.  All active and “on-leave” volunteers were invited to share their thoughts and feelings about their volunteer experience. Overall, our CASA volunteers are happy with their roles.

Respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the following statements:

99% have support needed to accomplish the job
99% communicate with their coordinator or coach at least monthly
97% have had their expectations met
98% use their skills and abilities in this role
95% feel valued
97% experience a sense of accomplishment
97% feel their training prepared them for this role

Welcome to our new volunteers!

Janelle Beswick, Johnson County, CASA
Sarah Bittner, Marion County, CASA
Julie Brown, Polk County, CASA
Amy Cain, Polk County, CASA
Jennifer Corkrean, Polk County, CASA

COVID-19 Updates

CASA Policy Related to COVID-19
CASA Response 03/19/20
CASA Response 03/16/20
FCRB Response Plan 04/10/20
FCRB Response Plan 03/13/20
Guidance for Volunteers

Printed from the Iowa Child Advocacy Board website on September 29, 2020 at 3:21pm.