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FCRB Training and Support

FCRB training graphicAll FCRB volunteers are provided with an initial 10-hour training, which includes information regarding applicable laws, organizational information, and observing a local review board in action. All new FCRB volunteers join a board of seasoned volunteers who provide guidance as the new volunteers learn the role of board member. In addition, a facilitator attends every child’s review to assist the FCRB and to write the report to the Court.

Continuous learning opportunities are also provided so that the volunteer is kept up to date with current social work practice, new services and laws, and other topics of interest. In addition to the facilitator, all boards are supported by a local program coordinator and support staff who are available to answer questions, to provide for needed ongoing training, and to act as liaisons among the boards and the Court, HHS social work staff, and other entities.

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