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Travel Form

Independent Study - Advocate Application Worksheet
National CASA/GAL 2020 Archived Webinars Catalog for CASA/GAL Volunteer Advocates
National CASA/GAL 2021 Archived Webinars Catalog for CASA/GAL Volunteer Advocates

CASA Pre-Service Training Handouts

Volunteer Glossary

Investigation/Gathering Information Toolkit
     Investigating Resource 1 - Advocate Case Action Plan
​     Investigating Resource 2 - Sample Line of Questioning for CPP Domains
​     Investigating Resource 3 -  Guidelines for Asking Questions:  A RECAP
​     Investigating Resource 4 -  Sources of Information
​     Investigating Resource 5 - Tip Sheet - Workers and Their Roles
     ​Investigating Resource 6 - CASA Program Parental Information Sheet
​     Investigating Resource 7 - CASA and You
     ​Investigating Resource 8 - CASA and Foster Parents
     ​Investigating Resource 9 - A Kid's Guide to CASA
     ​Investigating Resource 10 - Teacher/School Post-Adjudication Hearing Report
     ​Investigating Resource 11 - Child's Report to the Court
     Investigating Resource 12 - CASA Interview Questions - Interview with Child
     ​Investigating Resource 13 - Child Development Chart
     Investigating Resource 14 - Emotionally Nutritious Words
     ​Investigating Resource 15 - CASA Interview Questions - Interview with Parent
     ​Investigating Resource 16 - Monthly Contact Form
     ​Investigating Resource 17 - Foster parent Post-Adjudication Hearing Report
     Investigating Resource 18 - Strengths in Families Worksheet

Trauma and Resiliency Toolkit
       Handout A

Report Writing Toolkit
      CASA Report Quality Assessment Tool for Volunteers

Monitoring a Case
     Handout A:  A DHS Family Functioning Domain Criteria
     Handout B:  Child Assessments for Child Advocacy Match System (CAMS)   
     Handout C:  Permanent Resolutions:  Questions to Consider
     Handout D:  Taking Care of Yourself
     Worksheet 1:  Using Protective Factors to Help Identify Relevant Strengths
     Worksheet 2:  Poor Prognosis Indicators Worksheet
     Worksheet 3:  Using Protective Factors as a Lens to Monitor Progress Toward Case Closure

Child Assessment Tool

Educational Advocacy Toolkit
      Asking the Right Questions
      Blueprint for Change:  Education Success for Children in Foster Care
​      Blueprint for Change:  Education Success for Children in Foster Care - Goals and Benchmarks
      Educational Advocacy Quick Assessment Form

Child Development Advocacy - Participant Guide
     Child and Adolescent Development Resource Book
     Child Development Guide
     Red Flags Early Identification Guide
     A Quick Reference Guide for Early Years Professionals

Roadmap to Children's Services Resource

Consent Forms (releases)
Non-health related

211 (United Way)
Dial 2-1-1 or go to  This guide helps people with community agencies by name or category.