Polk County FCRB Pilot

Some exciting news is coming out of Polk County. July 22, 2021 was the first Polk County Foster Care Review Board in more than two decades. This board has been launched as a pilot program for twelve months. It was created to specifically look at cases of children with the permanency goal of APPLA (another planned permanent living arrangement); in other words, they will be “aging out of the system.” The board meets monthly to review the cases and make recommendations to increase the possibility of the youth having a successful transition to adulthood. This includes, but is not limited to, further education, medical coverage, housing, transportation, employment, and having a dependable adult in their lives. 

The new board consists of six members: Chairperson, Matthew Mull; Ilima Young-Dunn; Kristin Honz; Mary “Meg” Malloy; Heather Stephenson; and Megan Boushek. All board members bring their own unique perspectives and experiences to the board. When asked why he wanted to serve on the board, Matt said, "It is important to give back and to invest in our community. Supporting the children of our community is the foundation of our future. We need to be dedicating as many resources as possible to children, and if I can be one of those resources and add value for children in the foster care system, then I'm doing it right."

The board is facilitated by Kristine Wong. Kristine hails from Story County, where she lives with her husband David and daughter Estelle. Kristine and David have two adult children, Olivia and Isabelle. Kristine is passionate about helping children in the foster care system, and she and her husband were previously licensed foster parents. Kristine first applied to become a CASA in Story County until she heard of this opportunity. She knew this would be a good fit for her, and it has proven to be.

Polk County FCRB

Polk FCRB board Members (from left to right):   Kristine Wong (facilitator), Kristin Honz, Meg Malloy, Heather Stephenson, Ilima Young-Dunn. Not pictured: Matt Mull & Megan Boushek

Welcome to our new volunteers!

heart word cloudTerry Arons, FCRB, Linn County    
Megan Boushek, FCRB, Polk County
Christine Bruner, CASA, Story County    
Kaelin Cosgrove, CASA, Dallas County
Alisha Dean, CASA, Woodbury County    
Carol DeZwarte, CASA, Polk County
Laura Faurot, CASA, Pottawattamie County    
Sara Fender, CASA, Pottawattamie County
Shirley Holbach, CASA, Polk County    
James Mascarello, CASA, Woodbury County
Megan McKibbin, CASA, Scott County    
Joann Mulholland, CASA, Black Hawk County
Kristin Ray, CASA, Scott County    
Dianne Roeder-Richter, CASA, Clayton County
Linda Sorden, CASA, Linn County    
Jennifer Spray, CASA, Scott County
Delainey Thorud, CASA, Polk County    
Yanet Velasquez, CASA, Polk County
Amy Young, CASA, Scott County     



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