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Volunteer for FCRB

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The Process

  • Submit an application with three references.
  • Consent to background checks.
  • Participate in an interview with the local coordinator.
  • Complete Pre-Service Training:

      Observe a Local Board (minimum 2 hours)
      Module 1: Personal Study - Introduction to FCRB (2.5 hours)
      Module 2: FCRB Fundamentals (3 hours)
      Module 3: FCRB Process (2.5 hours)
      Security Awareness Training (1 hour)

  • Sign the Oath of Confidentiality with local judge.

Time commitment

FCRB volunteers average approximately 10-15 hours per month reading case documents and attending the board meeting. This varies considerably, depending on the number of children who are scheduled to be reviewed in a given month. Agendas are distributed 30 days prior to the meeting so volunteers know well in advance the timeframe for the meeting day.

FCRB volunteers also complete an additional six hours of in-service training each year to prepare and enhance their skills to fulfill their roles as board members.