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Volunteer Perspectives

“For me one of the best things about being a volunteer on the FCRB is being able to advocate for children. It is especially rewarding to work with professionals who really care and to experience great joy when children and families succeed. I am thankful I have the opportunity through the FCRB to be part of the process that strives to provide stable and secure homes for Iowa's children.”
 — Karen Baker, FCRB Volunteer

“Being an FCRB volunteer has been a life changing and fulfilling experience.”
 — Traci Kelley, FCRB Volunteer

Photo of FCRB members"Foster Care Review Board is a very rewarding experience.  If what we do improves the life of a child who has been placed in foster care by trauma even a little bit, it is well worth the time we put in. A child's life depends on adults. A child can't be successful without nurturing and guidance. Just to know that we are covering all the bases to make sure a child is protected and cared for is very gratifying. We are also learning as well as serving the needs of others. We study various topics that help us do a better job continually." 
— Barbara Lancaster, FCRB Volunteer

"It is the duty of a responsible citizenry to keep tabs on the most vulnerable among us. FCRB helps DHS fill that role." 
— Angie Lickhart, FCRB Volunteer


Photo of man and boy