Jennifer Slife

Grants Program Manager

Jennifer has served ICAB in a variety of capacities for over 20 years. She has been a Program Planner 3 since September 2014, providing Regional support in training, recruitment, grant writing and volunteer management.  Jennifer currently serves as the State Grants Program Manager.  Prior to her role as an ICAB PP3, Jennifer served ICAB for 7 years as CASA Coordinator in Linn, Johnson and Jones counties.  Jennifer’s history with ICAB also includes serving as a Foster Care Review member, Chairing a FCRB, and contracting as a FCRB facilitator for many years. In her current role, Jennifer has participated in the redesign of ICAB’s CASA, CASA Coach and FCRB pre-service curricula, developed in-service training modules, led the agency through Service Enterprise certification and led the launch of ICAB’s State Grants Program.  Additional professional experience includes work in child protection, adoption and family-centered services, specializing in work with older youth. Jennifer has a strong interest in trauma-informed care and methods for resolving traumatic experiences, social policy, human rights, restorative and social justice, and understanding the trauma of oppression.  

Phone Number:  319-249-9741