Marla Treiber

Photo of Marla Treiber
Community Engagement Specialist

Marla Treiber, Western Regional Coordinator.  Marla became a local CASA Coordinator in 1997 and draws on the last 20 years of experience as she now supports staff in the Western Region and across the state as a lead coordinator, trainer, and community engagement specialist. Prior to joining the work of CASA  (and eventually the work of the Iowa Foster Care Review Board), Marla worked as a Case Coordinator for Juvenile Court in Woodbury County, Sioux City, IA.  Marla has a passion to support volunteer advocates across Iowa who support hundreds of children in an exceptionally difficult time in their lives.  One of Marla’s core beliefs is that for every moment a CASA Advocate spends on his or her assigned case, a child’s life is altered in some way.  She feels very blessed for the privilege to work alongside such wonderful advocates and board members and knows that history will be altered by their work.  Marla has an exceptional husband and two grown daughters.  She enjoys spending time with their families and her two adorable granddaughters.