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Reports of the Iowa Child Advocacy Board

The Iowa Child Advocacy Board (ICAB) annually reports on findings and recommendations to improve the well-being of children under the Court's jurisdiction due to abuse and neglect.

The resulting findings and recommendations approved by the ICAB can be accessed below:

2012 Findings and Recommendations (Issued in 2013):

2011 Findings and Recommendations (Issued in 2012):

2010 Findings and Recommendations (Issued in 2011):

NOTE:  Includes "Iowa's Blueprint for Forever Families"

2009 Findings and Recommendations (Issued in 2010):

2008 Findings and Recommendations (issued in 2009):

2007 Findings and Recommendations (issued in 2008):

2006 Findings and Recommendations (issued in 2007):


Iowa Child Advocacy Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes


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May 2014


August 2014


Iowa Judicial Branch

The Iowa Judicial Branch is undertaking a major Children's Justice Initiative to improve the Court's impact in child abuse and neglect cases. See: Children's Justice.

Information from the Iowa Department of Human Services

Child Welfare Resources in Iowa

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