Volunteer for CASA

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The Process 

  1. Fill out the volunteer application.
  2. Undergo a background check.
  3. Interview with a local coordinator.
  4. Attend pre-service training, usually 30+ hours.
  5. Sign the oath of confidentiality.
  6. The court appoints you to represent the needs and wishes of a specific family of children in court proceedings and allows you access to information about the child.
  7. You meet with your assigned child or sibling group monthly, gathering information from everyone involved with that child such as caregivers, therapists, teachers and other providers.  
  8. You prepare a report to the court for each hearing involving the child. Through this report, you are the voice of the child, as well as the eyes and ears of the judge. You inform the court about the child’s needs and wishes, what is in the child’s best interest. 
  9. You’re a consistent presence in the life of your assigned child and remain assigned to the case until successful case closure. 

Time Commitment

CASA volunteers average approximately 10-15 hours per month visiting their assigned child, reading case documents, contacting other case parties and preparing a monthly update for their Coordinator and Coach.  This varies considerably, depending on the number of contacts made, the number of children to visit, travel time, and other factors unique to each case.

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